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By Hunter
Hi I am waiting for my completion certificate from my IVA I made my last payment in July 2012..... I have now received a letter from my IVA company Debt Free Direct regarding signing a deed of assignment but on reading this it looks like they are trying to get more money out of me and I haven't got it has I am no working part-time. What are my options?
Hi there Hunter

Firstly it has taken your IVA company a long time to sort out your completion certificate i would question this with them. Is the deed of assignment form in regards to a PPI claim? Unless there is an asset that was part of your IVA they cannot simply ask you to pay any more to your IVA.

Therefore I would question them as to what the form relates too specifically.
Hi there Hunter

Unfortunately this is typical of Debt Free Direct. They have no excuse for delaying the issue of your completion certificate for 18 months. Basically this is appalling customer service on their behalf.

Your situation actually seems very similar to that of looking forward (see there topic here: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=18222). They have been able to get their completion documents after 2 years from DFD by threatening a complaint.

Given looking forward's experience I think if you threaten DFD with a escalating a complain to your IP and their authorising body they may then act to simply close your IVA.
By Hunter
Thank your for your replies. Reading about looking forward's experience has really given me some hope. I have written a complaint letter to DFD and am waiting for a reply. Do you think I should follow it up with a phone call as well??
By Carla
Good luck with it Hunter. It really is very bad practice of Debt \Free Direct to have left you hanging around for 18 months without completing your IVA. I hope your complaint works as it did for looking forward. In answer to your question, yes I would definitely follow up with a phone call and threaten to escalate your complaint to the IPs authorising body as looking forward did.