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By Rachaelc1981
So I had a poor experience with freeman jones today. They have upped my payments from 80 to 234 after my recent review, I can’t pay that. They say my spare money has gone up. However my partners momey went up while tax credits and child maintenance from my ex went down. They won’t except that I spend 200 plus on petrol a month. They also seem to think 30 a month for a family of four for clothing is enough. I have no clothes and haven’t had any for three years. I am now 3.5 years into the Iva.

I had no issues with Harrington brooks when I took out the Iva and no real hassle re annual reviews, however they did put less on my expenditure forms to enable me to get the Iva in the first place. I was just lucky back then that my dad could help me with food and clothes for the kids when needed.

The man I spoke to today from the company was extremely rude and off hand from the start. He told me he wasn’t allowed to tell me what allowance I could have to clothe my kids. Yet I then found the info on another site. I suppose I just want to rant.

With two children with major difficulties I find it hard to stay on top of my documents so have barely any receipts to prove things. Even though I’ve given bank statements I now have to give petrol receipts. Who even keeps them? They only allowed me 100 for petrol. I have to drive my kids to and from school, to clubs also get to work and in bad weather take my partner to work. On top of that all his family live 60 miles away. My car is a 16 year old bmw. I can’t afford to change it. It does 32mpg and cost me 300 since August just to keep it on the road.

I really feel the company are trying to cause me more problems- if I can’t pay this I have to go bankrupt and the last 3,5 years are wasted.
My advice- avoid this company if you can
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By Hayden
Hi Rachael

Good to hear from you again and sorry to hear about your experiance with Freeman Jones.

I remember around this time last year you were thinking about stopping your IVA and going bankrupt. You obviously decided to stick with the IVA in the end?

I think there are really only two options you can consider. The first is try to resolve your differences with Freeman Jones as best you can and continue with the IVA.

It might help to call them back, explain you are struggling. Tell them that unless a sensible review of your surplus income can be completed you will be forced to fail the IVA and go bankrupt. That might trigger them into being a little more helpful.....

If you want a good guide on the living expenses you are allowed in an IVA have a look here: IVA Living Expenses Guide

Alternatively you can stop paying the IVA and go bankrupt. As I said last year as you have no assets you have nothing to lose. The major difference with bankruptcy for you is there is no requirement to make a monthly payment unless you can do so. As such the official receiver can allow you the budgets you need without worrying that the creditors won't be paid.
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By James Falla
Hi Rachel

I think you need to do a full and sensible review of your income and expenses budget. From what you are saying I strrongly suspect that it is currently incorrect.

If you are struggling to make the payments and have no assets (you said in a previous post that you rent your car and have no savings) then bankruptcy is certainly an option.

If you cannot resolve your differences with Freeman Jones I would recommend you consider it seriously.