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If I use a DMP company to help me with my DMP will they contact the 'original creditors or the Debt collection agencies? Most debts have been passed on to Debt collection agencies, as Many months have gone by. The original debts are with:


But their Equivalent Debt Collection agencies are:
Harley Legal
Hi there Flamingate

As far as I am aware the DM company will deal with the debt collection company as they have been commissioned to work on the original creditors behalf, they will have been paid for this service.

I would advise speaking to your DM company to find out exactly what to send them but I would assume its the collection company letters
Hello flamingate

If you are starting a DMP then you always deal with the debt collecting company who is working on behalf of the creditor if one has been appointed. This is the same if you use a DM company or set up the DMP yourself. In fact it is often much easier to deal with a DM company than the original creditor as often they will be more willing to reach a payment agreement. After all this is what they are paid to do.

You must not confuse this situation with an IVA. If you were to start an IVA then the IVA company would always contact the original creditors not any appointed collectors. A debt collecting company only has the authority to agree a debt repayment plan. They do not have the authority to agree and IVA.