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A good starting point for DMP questions
With Stepchange or Payplan, when entering a DMP and after completing the Income/expenditure form with them, to calculate what you can pay them a month,

Then you send them your proof of income/ or statements of any income. When Stepchange/Payplan receive these, do they pass them on to the creditors? (photocopies, via post/ or scanned?)

Eg,if you have 6 creditor, do Payplan send your income proofs to each of the 6 creditors? Or they the papers stay within these companies only? and don't go to anybody else?

if they Dont get passed on, do the details of income (verbal details) get passed on to the creditors, via SC/PP ?
Hi there flamingate

As far as I am aware these DMP companies do not pass on any proof of income such as wages slips to your creditors. They simply hold the information on file and can make it available if the creditors specifically ask for it. However I think this would be very rare.

At the end of the day you must understand that if you start a DMP you are still required to pay all the debt you owe back to your creditors. As such it is not vital for them to confirm that the income figure you give is correct.

If you have used a lower figure and so are holding some money back all this means is that it will take slightly longer to repay the debt you owe. In the great scheme of things this make little difference to your creditors so they are generally not too worried about it.
Hi flamingate

Debt Management companies never pass on copies of your proof of income to your creditors. The main reason for this is that the creditors hardly ever ask for them and therefore it is simply too expensive in terms of printing and paper. Usually the information is simply kept on your file.

There might be rare occasions when a creditor will ask a debt management company if they have seen a proof of income but then they will just say yes. They will not actually send the physical proof to the creditor.