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A good starting point for DMP questions
When doing a DMP with Payplan (after the income/expenditure) what PAPER items do they require from you? Are some things compulsory, and somethings don't have to be sent?

Do they require you to post your paper bank statements to them ?
How many months back do they need ?

What things do they require you to send them, in the post, outside the phonecall ?
Hi flamingate

I believe that you will be asked to provide paper (or scanned) copies of your last 3 months wage slips and three months bank statements as back up information. It would be unusual for them to ask for anything else. There is no legal requirement for you to send these and if you do not send them I do not think it will stop PayPlan making the DMP agreement with your creditors.
Hello flamingate

Geraldine is right. Your Debt Management company might ask you to send in your last 3 months bank statements and 3 months wage slips. They will also probably ask you to send in copies of recent statements for each of your creditors. You should not be asked to send in any more than that. The article below gives more information about the paperwork that you usually need to make available if you are starting a DMP.

What paperwork will I need to provide to start a DMP?
I agree with Geraldine and Hayden. Generally speak you will be asked to provide copies of creditor statements, your last 3 months bank statements to confirm your living expenditures and your last 3 months wage slips to confirm your income. Hayden posted a great link about this which is well worth looking at.