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A good starting point for DMP questions
By Legroom
I have taken out a debt management plan and MBNA rejected the offer, but the debt management company keep making a monthly payment - is it likely that mbna would apply for a CCJ and how fair would the Courts be with me given I have already offered a payment?
By Melissa S
Hi there legroom and welcome to the forum

It is actually quite usual for a company to reject your DMP initially but the best thing to do if this happens is to keep paying the offered monthly payment which is exactly what you are doing.

It is important not to give preferential treatment to any creditors outside of your DMP even though they may be threatening action as this will put your whole DMP at risk.

Are they threatening action already? In general if you continue to make the regular DMP payments after about 3 months MBNA should then agree to the DMP as they will have confidence that you are tryng to repay the debt.

Your DM company should try to negotiate with them at this point.

However, as a DMP is an informal agreement it is still possible that they could apply for a CCJ but as long as you are paying as much as you can towards your debts the court should be sympathetic. However until you feel there is a real threat I would continue to maintain the DMP payments.
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By Hayden
Hello Legroom

MBNA are not the easiest creditor to deal with. However if you have made the best payment offer you can there is really little more you can do than continue to pay them so the debt management company you are using is doing the right thing. You should not try to pay them more as this will mean it is more difficult to maintain your other DMP payments and put the whole plan at risk.

Generally after hassling you for a while MBNA will pass your account to a debt collection company and they will normally be more sympathetic.

In terms of whether they will apply for a CCJ against you this would be unusual but it is possible. If you do receive a CCJ claim form through the post speak to your DM company about it straight away. Even though you are in a DMP it has to be completed and returned but if you are making your best effort to pay then the Court should accept your payment proposal. For more information about what to do if you receive a CCJ claim form see: How do I complete a CCJ Admission Form