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By ceres63

I have a debt with Barclaycard and Lloyds TSB. Barclaycard has accepted my offer and has agreed to freeze interests on my account but Lloyds continues to ignore my letters and to write saying I'm missing my loan payments.

Is this normal? It is frustrating.

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By Hayden
Hi there ceres63 great to hear from you :)

Really good news that Barclaycard has accepted your payment offer and agreed to freeze their interest charges. In terms of Lloyds this situation is not unusual. It could be that they have a backlog and have simply not had time to review your offer yet.

You have a couple of options. You can try to call them and explain that you have sent them details of your situation and your offer of payment and confirm whether they have received this or not. This could speed up the process. However if you do not want to do that I suggest that you resend the original letter confirming that you have not yet had a response from them.

Just make sure you keep making your payments to Lloyds as per your proposal. Given enough time I am sure they will agree. if not they are likely to send your account to their collections agency (which I believe is BLS Collections). If this happens you will have to re issue your offer again to the agency but they will be likely to accept it very quickly.
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By Geraldine
Hello ceres63

As Hayden has said this is to be expected. Some creditors simply do not get around to reviewing your DMP proposal for some weeks. However if there is no acknowledgement of your offer within 4 weeks then I would contact them again with another copy of the offer. Let us know if this does not seem to work.