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If I start a debt management plan with step change after this arrangement has been set up how many days does it take for the debt collection companies that the creditors have used to chase up the debt to STOP hassling, and phoning, and sending letters about the debt? Does it happen immediately? can take days or weeks?
Hi there flamingate

Once you have started a DMP it can take up to 3 months for your creditors to stop chasing you for the debt, this also applies to if and when they freeze any interest or late payment charges.

The creditors need to know that you are reliable and will be paying your monthly DMP payments on time before they will consider stopping interest and stop chasing you.

If after this time they still continue it is worth talking to your debt management company to negotiate on your behalf or phoning yourself and asking them to stop.
There is no set time after which your creditors and their debt collecting agents will stop hassling you Flamingate. From the date of your first DMP payment some of them will normally continue to hassle you for 2-3 months as Melissa has said. However if you are contacted then you need to report this to StepChange straight away and they should try to deal with it for you.

Generally speaking collecting companies are pretty good and will stop their hassling as soon as they see regular payment coming in from you.
Hi there flamingate

When I started my DMP most of my creditors continued to call me for a few weeks. I just kept telling them I had started a DMP and the details of the company I was with. It was a pain at the time but I am now a couple of years into the agreement and I can say that I hardly hear from any of them now other than when they remind me that a review of my circumstances is due.