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By Lilly
I started my DMP with my ex husband 7 years ago.
Last year I re married,
I've got my self in a right state.
1. I've never told my new husband
2. I've not told my DM company I've re married
3. And now 2 of my creditors have rejected my offers?
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By Hayden
Hi there Lilly

Sorry to hear about your situation. It must be really hard not to have told your new husband about your situation.

From your previous post (debt-problems-ask-my-first-question-f3/ ... 21101.html) I understand you are in a DMP with PayPlan. Firstly if you have been in the Plan for 7 years I am not sure why 2 of your creditors have now suddenly rejected your offers? What has happened? Have you recently been asked to submit a new income and expenses budget?

Have your income or living expenses changed significantly as a result of the change in your personal life? If it is important to understand the implications of this. It may be that your diposable income has changed and the monthly payments you make to your creditors also need to change.

If you are worried to speak to PayPlan then I suggest giving James at beatMyDebt a call. I am sure he would be happy to chat your situation through and discuss the options with you before you decide what to do :)