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This is where to post your first questions about any debt problems you have
By patchsteven
hi , 2 questions
im preparing to go bankrupt
i am currently behind on council tax by about £500 . its in joint names with partner but she doesnt work so im the bread winner.
will BR wipe out arrears or will they still chase partner for arrears. if thats the case is it lawful for me to get her name removed from council tax bill so that they dont chase her
2nd question
im 2 months behind on gas and electric bill its in my name only.
once br i dont want a prepayment meter as landlord will not allow it .
so should i just close account and tell them im moving and get my partner to open new account in her name so that it avoids prepayment meter and also my utility bill gets wiped or should i stay with current provider and hope they dont install prepayment meter
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By Hayden
Hi patchsteven

If you go bankrupt, council tax arrears are only written off if the account is just in your name. If the account is in joint names with your partner, she will still be liable for the entire bill for this year including any arrears. This is the case whether she has an income or not. Your bankruptcy does not protect her from her debts.

I assume that you can take her name off the council tax bill if you like. However I believe that she will still be liable for any arrears up until the date her name comes off.

In terms of your utility arrears, my advice would be to pay these up to date before you go bankrupt. That way you dont have to worry about a payment meter being installed. I think it will be quite difficult for you to switch accounts if you still have arrears outstanding with the current provider.