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This is where to post your first questions about any debt problems you have
By Yoyo1
Hi, I moved to Singapore over four years ago but sadly got myself into a very bad financial situation due to my mental health addictions. I am now destitute and have no money or assets to cover my debts, and have no job or legal immigration status in the local country.

I have explained the unfortunate situation to the local banks, and tried to make a token settlement offer but they won’t accept it, so It’s likely the banks will declare me bankrupt over time.

I will need to repatriate back home soon, but wanted to know if my debt and potential Bankruptcy would affect me and my credit rating if I then move back to the UK? Can these local banks chase me in the UK? Thanks in advance.
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By Geraldine
Hi Yoyo1 and welcome to the forum :)

Sorry to hear about your situation. I don't know anything about the rules of bankruptcy in Singapore but if it does happen I do not think it will affect your credit rating in the UK in any way. Just as if you went bankrupt in the UK your credit rating in different countries is not affected. So no need to worry there.

You also ask if singapore banks will chse you in the UK? I am not sure if they will be allowed to do that or not if you are made bankrupt? I guess if they dont make you bankrupt then they would have the right to use international debt collectors.

I have heard of people who have moved back to the UK leaving debts in countries like the US and Dubai. Those creditors did eventually employ international debt collectors with operations in the UK and so they were chased here. So I guess in theory it is possible that the Singapore debts will eventually catch up with you here.....