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When you have credit cards, loans, etc, and have been using them for many years, and want to check and apply for mis sold PPI claim to them, and you want to do it YOURSELF, without paying a third party company,

then what are the main steps?

for example

1) Make a list of all the creditors
2) Get their contact details
3) contact them to get an application form?
4) Contact them to look into your account, if you were mis-sold?
5) Fill the application details

these are made up example steps,

Can you give the REAL main steps to go through this process, from Start to finish!

ANDwhat details do you need ready (beforehand) before contacting the PPI company? and when you contact them, do the creditors have 'specific' departments you have to phone up?
Hi flamingate

There is a good guide on the main Beat My Debt site about how to claim for PPI yourself. You can find the guide here: How to claim for mis sold PPI