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By ThatBloke
I have a charge on my house for 15k (includes interest over the last 6 years) which was the equity value when i went bankrupt. I think I can raise 5k from family. Is it worth offering the OR this to release the charge?

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By Geraldine
Hi ThatBloke

As far as I am aware, it is always worth making an offer to the OR to see if they will accept this to lift the charge.

I suggest you give it a go and see what they say. The worst that can happen is they refuse.... Please let us know how you get on :)
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By James Falla
Hi Thatbloke

Geraldine is right. There is absolutely no harm in you speaking to the OR and offering a settlement. If the amount is sufficent I think they will go for it. That said I am not sure of £5k will be enough. If they refuse you can ask what amount would be sufficient. Then you will know.