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When you owe a debt to a debt collection company,

(Intrum UK finance limited)

what is the minimum monthly payment you can give them to them a month if you cannot afford to give alot?


1) if you give £1 can they reject it?

2) If you set up £1 a month by direct debit (with your ref number), and you pay it monthly, are they obliged to accept this as your payment ?

3) if you do 2) Without any communication with them, and just
set up the £1 Direct debit, with the REF, then what could be the worse case scenario ? they reject, and keep sending you reminder letters?
Hi Flamingate

When negotiating reduce payments with a creditor or debt collecting company it is important to understand that they are not obliged to accept your offer.

Having said that if you speak to them and explain your situation they will nomally help if they can see you have no available funds.

They will ask you to provide them with information about your income and expenses budget. This is a perfectly reasonable request and you should provide this information.

I would certainly suggest you speak to them rather than just paying a reduced amount. They will certainly not stop sending collection letters unless they agree the reduced payment with you.

There is an in depth guide on how to set up you own reduced payment plan with your creditors here: Set up a Debt Management Plan Yourself