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By Steve Jackson
It was announced last Friday (1st April) that Baines and Ernst have sold their IVA arm Blair Endersby to Grant Thornton. All IVAs currently managed by Blair Endersby will be transferred to IPs at Grant Thornton.

Anyone who has an IVA currently supervised by Blair Endersby should not be concerned. Grant Thornton are generally regarded as a professional firm and will provide a seemless handover and good ongoing service to their new IVA clients.

I have also heard that the sale involves the purchase of the IVA book and not the business as a whole. As such I understand that Blair Endersby employees will be made redundant.
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By Hayden
From what I have heard, Grant Thornton have been buying up a lot of IVA clients lately. I hope they are not growing too quickly and are able to manage the transition properly so no-one in an IVA feels poorly treated. I am happy to say that I am not with Blair Endersby.