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Are you having problems with your Forum login?

We have recently carried out some maintenance work and after this some users have found themselves unable to login. The problem is caused because your browser has cached old forum data. You should clear temporary internet files and website files from your browsing history and this will resolve the problem.

If you are unsure how to do this please follow these simple steps:

Clearing Temporary Internet Files in Internet Explorer (on PC)
1.Open Internet Explorer and select the Tools menu, represented by the sprocket icon (or press Alt+X)
2.Select “Internet Options” from the drop-down menu
3.Select “Delete” under “Browser History” in the “General” tab
4.Select the "Temporary internet files and website files" option and click on the "Delete” button

Clearing Temporary Internet Files in Google Chrome (on Mac or PC)
1.Open Google Chrome and select the Chrome menu, represented by an icon with three horizontal lines
2.Hover over “Tools…” and select “Clear Browsing Data” (or on a Mac press Shift+Command+Delete)
3.Chose the "the beginning of time" option from the drop down menu and select the "Cached images and files" option then click “Clear Browsing Data”

Clearing Temporary Internet Files in Safari (on Mac)
1.Open Safari and Safari from the menu bar
2.Select “Preferences…” (or press ⌘+comma)
3.Select the “Privacy” tab
4.Click “Remove All Website Data…” and then “Remove Now” to confirm.