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In an announcement last week (17th Sept 2012) the Co-Op bank said that it would no longer be able to open its basic Cashminder bank account for people who are undischarged bankrupts. The Co-op defines this as people against whom a bankruptcy order has already been made but who are not yet discharged.

This move is unfortunate as it will make it more difficult for people who are already bankrupt to open a new bank account. It means that it is now even more important to get the right advice about opening a new bank account before declaring yourself bankrupt.

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As Steve has said, this move by the Co-Op is a real shame. However reading between the lines the Co-Op may still be an option if you are planning to go bankrupt but have not yet gone through the process. As far as I can gather if you are not already bankrupt you can still open a Cashminder account with Co-Op. Then if you declare yourself bankrupt a few weeks later I assume that they will keep the account open for you. More information to follow I am sure.....

I am currently with the co-op bank and have the basic account with them. I spoke to a very nice lady in their money management team who reassured me that as an existing customer I would not be affected by this and if I was to become bankrupt I would have to declare the account but it would not be closed.

I realise that for prospective customers this is not very reassuring but for those of us who have been with them for years it is.

I believe that only Barclays are still providing basic accounts to bankrupts.

You are right that if someone is already bankrupt then Barclays is now the only free bank account option Uncannyscot. But as far as I am aware Co-Op will still keep open their cashminder account as long as you open it before you go bankrupt. I am hoping that this position will not change but a recent update in Co-Ops banking Ts&Cs suggests that they are thinking about a possible policy change in the future. Watch this space.