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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your bankruptcy is finished
By sidrivingins
What does received my discharge mean? I was bankrupt for a year and had to pay back a monthly payment for 3 years (pretty sure it finishes this dec). Not had any dealings with OR since our telephone conversation all those years ago.
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By Geraldine
Hi sidrivingins

Good to hear from you again. Discharged from Bankruptcy means that you are no longer a Bankrupt person. In most cases this happens automatically after 12 months from the date you went bankrupt.

Normally you will not be contacted by the official receiver. The discharge simply happens. Once your 12 months is up you can check the insolvency register to confirm that the status shows "discharged". This record will remain on the register for approximately 3 months after the date of discharge. Then even that will dissappear. For more information see: Discharged from Bankruptcy

If you want a letter confirming you are discharged you can request one from the insolvency service. You should send an e-mail requesting this to: Discharge.Queries@insolvency.gsi.gov.uk

If the Official Receiver issued you with an IPA this will continue for 3 years from the date it started irrespective of the date you were discharged. In order words you may be discharged and no longer a bankruptcy person. However you still have to maintain the payments to an IPA that has been introduced before you were discharged.
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By Hayden
Hi Geraldine. That's good info about being able to get a letter confirming you are Discharged. I was not aware of that :)