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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your bankruptcy is finished
Hi sidrivingins

Once you have paid your last IPA payment the payments will then stop. The best thing to do is call your Official Receiver and confirm with them that they are in agreement that your last payment has been made.

Remember if you missed any payments during the 3 years these will need to be added to the end so the full 36 months are paid.
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By Hayden
Hi sidrivingins

If you have not missed any payments then your IPA will end after the 36th payment has been made. As Geraldine has said you could contact the OR to confirm that they are not expecting any more.

Note: If you speak to them they might ask you to confirm that your income and expenses are still the same. I assume they are. If so then there will no nothing to worry about. They might ask you to confirm that with recent bank statements and wages slips but it is unusual.