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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your bankruptcy is finished
Hi, I was made bankrupt in 2011 and i have now received a letter form a company telling me i owe 1189.00 for fees on a timeshare i am totally unaware of going back to 2009 could you please tell me where i stand with this .
Hi there PS1981 and welcome to the forum

I am a little unsure myself on this but i think that timeshare fees are an unsecured debt and as it is going back to before you declared bankruptcy it would automatically be included in your bankruptcy estate. therefore you can simply tell them that you went bankrupt and they would need to speak to the courts OR about this.

However, are you saying that this debt has nothing to do with you? If so I would check this out and you may also want to check your credit report to see if it is recorded on there.

I am a little vague on this but I an sure another forum member and expert will be able to hep further.
Hello PS1981

Melissa is absolutely right. If this is a claim for unpaid fees then it is certainly unsecured and because it is dating back to 2007 it existed at the time you went bankrupt and therefore is automatically included in your bankruptcy. Your next action should be to call your old official receiver and tell them about this new debt. They will then deal with it for you.