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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your bankruptcy is finished
By Decisions-decisions
I will be discharged from my bankruptcy on 5th December and just wondered if anyone had a list of jobs you're not allowed to do if you've been bankrupt, I'm not looking for a job yet but wanted to get a plan in place ready for when I go back to work.

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By Geraldine
Hi there Decisions-decisions. How are you? How is everything going?

Once you are discharged from your bankruptcy on the 5th Dec then the restrictions of bankruptcy are lifted and no longer affect you. As such you can actually take on jobs which you were unable to do while you were bankrupt - for example being a director of a company.

In terms of whether they are any jobs that you would be prevented from applying for there are really not that many. The thing you need to be aware of is your credit rating will still be poor. As such there are a few financial services jobs which you might be precluded from if you have to pass a credit check before they take you on. Otherwise there are no jobs that I can think of that you will not be allowed to do and will have to avoid applying for.
By Decisions-decisions

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks Geraldine, I am thinking of applying for a school secretary job that's coming up next September and as it could involve payroll I just wanted to check.

Everything is going well and am looking forward to my automatic discharge on 5th December.

Also will my name come off the insolvency record or remain on after my bankruptcy?

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By Geraldine
Hi there Decisions-decisions, good to hear back from you :)

As far as I am aware there is nothing to prevent you from applying for a job as a school secretary. I am not sure if any of the experts have anything to add to this but as far as I am concerned I would go for it.

By next September you will be discharged so you will no longer be a bankrupt person. The only issue could be if they specifically ask you the question "have you ever been bankrupt?". However I think this is very unlikely and as your name will no longer be on the insolvency register it would be quite difficult to check this.
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By James Falla
Hello Decisions-decisions

There should be no issue with you applying for a school secretary job especially next September which will be 9 months after you were discharged.

After you are discharged your name will automatically come off the insolvency register within 3 months so there will no longer be a record of your bankruptcy there. Just so you are aware there will still be a public record of the fact that you went bankrupt listed in the London Gazette. This is searchable on line. However the fact is that the vast majority of normal people simply have no idea of the existence of this let alone would think to search it. As such it is very unlikely that your bankruptcy will be picked up by anyone after you are discharged unless they actually do a credit check on you.