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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your bankruptcy is finished
By Sherly71
Good morning. I wondered if you could help.

I was discharged from my bankruptcy 12 months ago. I have recently decided to make claims against my creditors for PPI but on reading various websites I am starting to think that this will not be possible as the official receiver will still be able to take this money. Then reading this site I have seen something that suggestes that I might be able to speak to the official receiver who dealt with my case and agree a split of any PPI compensation that i am awarded. Is this correct and could it work for me?

Thanks S
Hello Sherly71 and welcome to the forum.

Yes, as you are now discharged I believe that it is possible to negotiate a deal with your Official Receiver which would mean that you could split any PPI compensation that you are awarded. As far as I am aware you simply need to contact the OR who was responsible for your case and tell them that you are prepared to make a claim if they are prepared to share the compensation. You should speak to your OR and see what they say. If they are difficult about it you have nothing to lose as you can then simply decide not to make the claim.
Hi Sherly71

I believe you can make a deal with your OR to split potential PPI compnesation now you have been discharged. Have a look at this article that James Falla recently wrote on the subject: https://www.beatmydebt.com/news-article ... ruptcy.htm
Hello Sherly71

As suggested in the link that Hayden has highlighted, there is no reason why you should not approach the OR and see if they will agree to splitting any PPI compensation you are awarded if you make a claim. If they say no then you have not lost anything. If they say yes then it might well be worth making an agreement with them and then going ahead with your claims.