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By Yvone30
Hello. Just a quick question please. I have just petitioned my bankruptcy and was wondering at what stage I would be able to change my car. It's worth less than £1,000 so I am keeping it. Can I change it during the 1st year (bankruptcy period) or during the next 2 years (I am doing an IPA) or will I need to wait until after the 3 years. I have people who would help me finance the purchase.
Hi Yvone30 and welcome

The key thing here is that you need to be careful that as a result of changing your car the running costs do not increase thus making it difficult for you to pay your IPA. If this were to happen then the OR would be reluctant to help you reduce your IPA. However if you can change the car and the running costs remain the same or less then there should not be an issue and I would say you can change it at any time. However before doing so I would just run it past your OR.
Hi Yvone30 and welcome
i agree with Geraldine on this, the first thing to do is chat to your OR about it but as long as your IPA is not affected in a any way you should be fine especially as the finance is coming form a third party.

Will the new car be more expensive to run? this could be an issue.