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Can you help? I went bankrupt at the beginning of March and I have just had a call from First Direct. They say they have only just received a request for a debit card payment that was authorised before I went bankrupt 77 quid and they asked me to pay it! I said no and they should go speak to the OR as personally I think they are chancing it. But am I wrong? Am I eligible or is this debt added to the creditor list?
Hi there SaraB and welcome

As far as I am aware if the transaction was authorised prior to your bankruptcy then it has to be included along with all your other unsecured debts in your bankruptcy. it is not uncommon for some creditors to try and force preferential payment outside of your bankruptcy order but you have done the right thing and told them to talk to your OR. You should also give your OR a call just to let them know about this.
Hello SaraB

I do not think there is any question that this debt is included in your Bankruptcy. However you must give your OR a call and ask them about it. I am sure they will say it is included but if not they can help suggest how you should pay it. Are you likely to have to pay an Income Payment Agreement? If so then you could always ask the OR about reducing this by £77 to cover the debt if it comes to it. However you must certainly not pay it yourself without first speaking to the OR.