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By Casey
Hello and a very happy 2014 to you all :D

Here I am again, asking all those questions and hope somebody can help.

I am having problems with the Students Loans company who are very agressive and keep phoning me and sending me threatening letters, though my actual loan has been officially deferred until July 2014. I have £1000 arrears, but this was approved by them, I just paid less than the normal amount per month when I was working because I had so much to pay off to the banks. I am now paying £5 per month towards the arrears and they keep pestering me.

I was wondering does anybody know how the law stands, I have not told them that i am in bankruptcy, should I mention that? Are they allowed to pester me with all those letters and phone calls, though I am keeping to the terms?

Many, many thanks in advance.

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By Hayden
Hi there Casey. Good to hear from you again. Hope you had a good Christmas :) I have to say I am not 100% sure about this. Obviously the Students Loan Company debt is not included in bankruptcy so they will probably not be interested that you are bankrupt.

One suggestion I would make is that you should speak to your OR about it and ask their advice. However failing that I think you will need to speak to the SLC and try to renegotiate with them. At the very least you should re send them an updated version of your income and expenditure budget to show that you are paying as much as you can. Have you attempted to update them about your circumstances recently?
By Casey
Hi Hayden,

Thank you. Well, I was in agreement with them to pay £5 per month towards the arrears, I just find it very annoying they have sent me another income expenditure form but I am reluctant to fill it in not that I have enough income, it is hardly more than JSA, but it is their behaviour, they are in all honesty much worse than any bank. I have dealt with them for many years and I think that should be known to anybody who is taking out a loan, this is not a loan without interest it is like any other loan only that they are more agressive chasing you.

I shall try and find out where I legally stand and whether their behaviour is justified. I shall keep you updated. Many thanks for all your help.

PS, it is almost 6 months into my bankruptcy and time flies by, I feel quite relieved that it is not that many months to go and then I shall be a free woman happy to start a completely new life, free of debts and with great determination to never go into the traps of the banks again, I shall never want a credit card again, when I heard in the news about yesterday everybody receiving their credit card bills from xmas and calling it black Monday, I remembered how it was for me, just not a very nice feeling. It has been a good learning lesson so far, I have learned to budget again and am quite good at it, to be honest, it has made me a happier person, because less is often more :D :D You guys have contributed a lot to making it much easier so thank you very much all over again.
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By Geraldine
Hi Casey

Happy New Year to you too :)

I agree that it is very annoying that the Student Loans Company are chasing you even though you already have a payment agreement in place with them for these arrears. When did the agreement start? If it was 6 months + ago then I have to say that it is not unusual that they are chasing you again and asking you to complete another Statement of Affairs. In fact this is pretty standard practice if you have an informal debt management plan arrangement in place with any creditor.

My advice would be to complete the new SoA showing that your circumstances have not changed financially and you are not able to increase the payment at this time. You could also mention that you are bankrupt although as Hayden has said they will probably not be interested in that....

My goodness you are already 6 months into your bankruptcy Casey. You are right time certainly does fly. I am very pleased to hear that you are now in control of your budgeting and you are all the happier for it :)