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Hi pete75 and welcome to the forum

In general you would be discharged from bankruptcy after 1 year and your bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for 6 years. I would speak to your official receiver to find out your exact date.
They will be able to tell you when your bankruptcy started
Hi Pete75

As Melissa has said normally bankruptcy lasts for just 12 months and then you are automatically discharged. The funny thing is that in most cases a bankrupt person does not receive any confirmation form the Official Receiver (OR) that they have been discharged, it just happens.

Given this I think it would be safe to assume that you were discharged automatically 3 years ago. If you want to be sure the easiest thing to do is check your name against the online insolvency register. Your name is automatically taken off this register once you are discharged from bankruptcy. As such you only really need to worry and get in contact with your OR if your name is still there. I am sure it will not be though :)
By Pete75
Hi there. I have done as you said and checked the insolvency register on line and my name is not there :) I find it very strange that I was not informed of this. What will be the situation with my credit rating now? As I said I went bankrupt 4 years ago so I assume it has now been 3 since I was discharged.
Hi Pete75
Firstly congratulations! you are now free from debt.

Your bankruptcy will affect your credit rating for 6 years from its start date so you will still have a poor rating for another 2 years however, there are ways you can start to rebuild this. have a look at this article linked below and this will give you more detail. :)

https://www.beatmydebt.com/bankruptcy/i ... ankruptcy/