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By Casey
Hi there,

I have got one more important question and would be very grateful if some of the experts could answer it.

I have signed off JSA as of last Sunday as I started my part time job on Monday. Aparently I can have my full housing benefit continued for 4 weeks according to the Job centre. This would be a great blessing as I am struggling and my weekly income will be now after tax around £170 it will just about be the same as being on JSA. However, if I would get on top of that Housing Benefit, I am concerned that my total disposable income will be too high and I will get an IPA/IPO. I put on my expense claim on the bankruptcy form £504 it could be an excell of around £200. This will only be for 4 weeks of course until the housing benefit stops to pay the full amount.

What do you think is that a risk? If it is I will just not take the option of the housing benefit continuation though it would be great.

Many, many thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Casey
Casey there is absolutely no risk of you getting an IPA on the basis of a temporary income that you will only be receiving for 4 weeks.

The OR will not decide to implement an IPA unless your income has increased on a permanent basis and as a result of this increase you now have more coming in than you need to live on.

A temporary surplus will not trigger an IPA. Given the amount of income you are talking about earning I seriously doubt that you are at risk of getting any kind of IPA. You should review the bankruptcy living expenses allowances again. You will see that you are allowed to include a budget for dry cleaning (up to £30 a month) :)