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By Casey
Hi there,

Here I am again. I have got a quick question. As it turns out I have paid £25.94 too much incouncil tax and I could get it back if I write to the Council, so they told me.

My question is, as I will have to inform the OR of it, will he take the money from me, it is very little but it would help me to pay my gas bill which will be coming up next month and I am worried about not having enough funds.

Many thanks.

Best wishes,

By Melissa S
Hi there Casey,
I am not 100% sure on this one but I think that if you talk to your OR and explain your situation with the upcoming gas bill they may consider letting you keep it as it is a relatively small amount to split between your creditors.

I obviously do not know that this is what they will say but you can try. I am sure an expert here will be able to give more advice.

I do not know if you are paying a IPA with your bankruptcy?I would suggest that if you are but cannot afford your gas bill then this would be something to speak to your OR about too.

hope this has helped you a little casey
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By Geraldine
Hi there Casey

Sorry that I did not get back to you sooner on this one. I was away last week :) I am sure that the OR will have no problem with you keeping this refund. You are not currently paying an IPA and the OR is well aware that your income is minimal. I agree with Melissa that you should just mention it to the OR but I am quite certain that they will be happy for you to keep it. :)
By Casey
hi there,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have not done anything as yet, as you have to specifically request this refund in writing. It stays as a credit and will be counted towards any further bills. As I might start a job soon, it will then reduce the monthly payments which is kind the same. So, I guess I will only inform the OR, once I really get this money.

Many thanks.

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By James Falla
Hello Casey

Melissa and Geraldine are quite right. You have absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of this refund. If you want to write and request that it is paid to you then I am very confident that the OR will be happy for you to keep it. Alternatively if you can afford to just leave it with the Council to offset against your next bill. You would not even have to mention this to the OR :)