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By Steve Jackson
I am sorry to hear about your experience with this job Casey. I think you have been very unlucky as for the vast majority of jobs being bankrupt would not matter and there would have been no issue. As you say I think this was a particular case where the employer was worried about FSA regulation.

I am interested to hear that you were denied online banking with Barclays. I have never come across this problem before. I think the way to get around this would be to apply for the online banking before you go bankrupt (although I realise that advice is not much good to you now).

Try to keep positive. As I am sure Geraldine will tell you this year of bankruptcy will actually pass very quickly and then you can get on with the business of really rebuilding your life.
By Carla
That is a terrible thing to happen Casey but please do not give up hope. I am sure another job will come along soon and as Steve said I am sure that this year that you are bankrupt will go past very fast. xx
By Casey
Dear Steve and Carla,

Thank you so much for your moral support. I have now accepted the fact that it happened, though it still hurts. But, hey, I always believe that if there is something which you didn't get and you wanted very much, means, that something better is on the way.

You are right, I have to focus on the positive aspects of my situation and there will be some job out for me. It seems that I had some bad luck, but hey, I shall overcome this. There are other jobs and hopefully some employers who can see that people are sometimes not perfect and are fallible, will give people like me a chance.

I still think it was the right decision to go bankrupt no matter what.

To Steve: In terms of the Barclays Bank account, I opened it before the bankruptcy and had online banking in place for approx 3 weeks, then it was cancelled. I then received a letter from the bank two days ago, informing me that whilst bankrupt I am excempt from online and telephone banking. I cannot not do mobile banking either, though the clerk said I could.... I googled the matter and it seems that this is now the common proceedure, as many people are saying that this has happened to them too. Well, it is annoying, because it makes it difficult to keep track of your transactions and I cannot see why online banking is denied to you???? What could you do, you can not spend anything other than what you have on the account in any case.....It doesn't bother me too much, if I am honest, so let them do what they wish.

On the postive side, I have started an evening course which leads to a professional qualification and which will broaden my opportunities to gain some employment in another field. The course will last 1 year and will keep me busy and focused and because it is in the eves I am still able to work if something comes along.

Thank you so much again and I shall keep you updated in case some other hurdles will cross my way which i need help to overcome. You are doing a brilliant job and you have no idea how much you help people who are sometimes under great stress and suffer from great anxieties because of the debt situation. You deserve a medal.

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By Geraldine
Hi there Casey

That is such a same about the job. Stay positive and I am sure something will turn up. Great news that you have started your evening course.

I was really interested to hear about your Barclays bank account and the fact that they have cancelled your internet banking. I have to say I have not come across this before either so it must be something new that they have started doing.....? I would be interested to hear from other people who have had a similar problem.

As you say there seems no logical reason for this. I assume that after you are discharged they will give the facility back but in the mean time it is annoying to say the least!