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By Casey

Here I am again with a question and would be most grateful if it could be answered

I am delighted that I have got an interview next week for a part time job as Office Manager, which is my profession. The ad didn't say but when I got the intereview invitation letter it turned out that the post is mainly doing finance. As an Office Manager that is what you often do and at my last two jobs I did all the accounts, salaries, petty cash, etc. My question now is that in your opinion, would it be very likely that the company will ask me if they offer me the job whether I have ever been bankrupt? At my last job it was a question in my contract, but my boss said to me a few years later when I asked him, that this would not have meant that they wouldnt have offered me that job. However, I am sure you understand, I am not so relaxed now going for the job as I know the question could pop up. It would be different if it was, say an Administrator or PA job without major finance, I would feel better about that.

And one other question I have as well. As I have not been subjected to harrassment from my creditors because we had the £1 token arrangement to me there is not difference now to being bankrupt then it was before. What I mean by that is, does the OR write to the banks telling them and will that all go automatially or do I have to wait until they write to me telling me that I have broken the agreement of the £1 token arrangement? Does it actually mean that if you are bankrupt that your debts are written off or only once you are discharged?

Many, many thank in advance.

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By Geraldine
Hi there Casey

This is a difficult one to answer. My guess is if the question is not specifically written in the application form then I think it is very unlikely that they are going to ask you about whether you have been bankrupt. It is an awkward question to ask and so as I say normally it would be highlighted in an application form. Hopefully it will not come up and you will not have to worry about it. Let us know how you get on at the interview and good luck :)

In terms of informing your creditors about your bankruptcy, the OR will do this automatically. Having said that it sometimes does take time for the message to get through and for all your creditors to update their systems. As such it is possible that one or two of them might still contact you demanding money. If that happens my suggestion is that you give them a quick call and give them your bankruptcy reference number and the OR's contact details. If you do get any creditor that you are struggling with let us know and we can advise :)
By Casey
Hi Geraldine,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have actually been offered the job and this is the first time now that the bullet of BRtcy bites. They send me the employment contract and in it there is a clause that they may terminate the contract with immediate effect without giving notice if you were declared bankrupt or would be subject to a County Court order. So, that is of course a no win situation and I shall have to decline the offer. I am quite sad, because the job sounded very good, it was also local and in my profession, it is very hard to find a job in this present climate and I had to go through 2.5 hours of interviews with a pretty difficult test as well. Well, I suppose, it was not meant to be.

It is very dismal and depressing to be out of work, so if any of you could suggest any kind of jobs, part time which would be good to apply for despite being bankrupt, I would be very grateful. I do not mean any particular vacancies, of course, but perhaps you would know of industry areas which are less likely to have such clauses.

I get also pressure from the Job Centre and if they would find out that I had to decline this job offer, I don't know what would happen, though I found this job through my own efforts but told them that I was having the interview. Would you know, by any chance, that if I was to tell the Job Centre about my bankruptcy that they would be even stricter and giving me more hassle than they already do?

Many thanks in advance, this is a very sad day for me.

Best wishes,

By Carla
Hi Casey

What a pain. But I would say before you decline to take up the job why don't you bite the bullet and mention to the employer that you are bankrupt. Say that you did not feel it was relevant before but having read through the contract you have seen the clause and so feel you must bring it up. If the employer has any kind of brain they will realise that it will not affect your job and should not prevent them taking you on.

At the end of the day if you are thinking of declining the job anyway what is the worst that can happen. They can say sorry we have to withdraw the offer. However they may well say no problem. e are fine with it.
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By Carla
By the way in terms of the Job Centre finding out you are bankrupt I do not believe that it would mean they treat you any differently. It shouldn't I bet there are a few job centre employees who are either bankrupt, doing IVAs or are on DMPs......
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By James Falla
Hi Casey

This is unfortunate. However I agree with Carla. Do not give up hope yet. Come clean with the employer. My guess is if they want you to do the job the fact you are bankrupt is not going to prevent them from giving it to you.

Many employers do have a clause in their employment contracts stating that the "may" terminate the contract with immediate effect if you are declared bankrupt. However the key word here is "may". The contract does not say "will". Employers need to give themselves that option but in reality it is very very rarely implemented. Why? Because the reality is that in 99.9% of cases the fact that someone is bankrupt does not prevent them from doing their job and in fact they are probably in a better position to do it now than they were before they were bankruptcy when they had all the stress of their debt hanging over them.

I would go for it, tell them and see what happens. you have nothing to lose.
By Casey
Hi there,

Thank you so much for your replies, you don't know how much that has helped me and given me more confidence again.

I kind of panicked yesterday night and I sent an email and I declined but the boss left a message on my answering machine this morning saying that he got my email but was hoping to get some feedback as to what happend and why I changed my mind all of a sudden. I have written an email to him and told the truth, so it will be interesting to see whether he shall write back.

In any case this has taught me that next time I shall not panic straight away but just tell the employer even though I find this very difficult. However, your replies have given me hope again and some of my confidence back. Thank you so much.

I will keep you updated as to what will happen.

Thank you also Carla for your comments about the job centre staff, it feels kind of satisfying, sorry to be a bit mean, to think that some of the staff in there might be in the same shoes, they can be so patronising and they really are not helping the job seeker in a constructive way at all, all it is about is getting you off the benefits even if you have paid contributions for many years. You have to be so careful what you say, you can by no means be honest about your job search because if you are saying anything, they will punish you in one way or another. So how is this supposed to get people into work? this system is extremely faulty and I dread going there every two weeks, I learned that the best is to say nothing at all, never show your real feelings and never say that you are struggling to deal with all the rejections and that there are so many people applying, because if you do, they will put you straight away into one of their so called work programmes, which is equally useless.
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By Hayden
I hope your potential employer e-mails you back with positive news Casey. Fingers crossed for you :)
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By Geraldine
Hi Casey

Sorry to hear about this situation. I totally agree with what the others have said. Hopefully you get a positive response from this employer :)
By Casey
Hi there,

Sadly, I got an email back saying that they are thankful for my openess and that they are very sorry to hear that and that they hope that I can sort out my problems and they wish me all the very best...

Well, it hurts, especially as I had already the contract and a firm offer with start date etc. However, I think, I panicked because I felt that this particular company would not have been sympathetic, they are a small Sports Intelligence company who are ruled by the FSA. It would have been only one days work to start with but they were looking to increase the hours and it was local where I live. There was a clause as well about IVA and other arrangments with your creditors, so even if I had not been bankrupt and be on the £1 token payments that would also have denied me the job. But had I been already discharged, I could have taken up the offer because it did not ask whether you have ever been bankrupt! Hey, it feels a bit like that I am at disgrace from society at present; with this company I understand, but I cannot really see generally speaking why there is a reason to withdraw a job offer, even if I would be doing some finance work, it has nothing to do with decision making on how to spend the money, and that is really the only thing which bankrupts can be blamed for, we spend too much money, money we didn't have but money which in my case was thrown at me on a continuous basis and in my case it was also some misfortune as well with high medical bills, unemployment and illness. However, I think, some companies and many people too see you as a failure or irresponsible financially or whatever. To me, I am still the same person, a good person, very reliable, very qualified, intelligent and able to do a good job, I made some major mistakes with my credit, but again I put at least 50% of the responsibilities to the banks, no matter what anybody says. I

Following this, today I was also denied online banking at Barclays, which I wasn't aware of that when bankrupt you cannot do online banking, what difference does that make? They didn't treat me very nicely either, but well this is to be expected, as they cannot make any money out of me.

So, I am not exactly on top of the world at present but I must survive this very difficult time in my life and I blieve that there will be a job for me again, I have got two degrees, speak several languages and have many years of experience working as an Office Manager. I think, that it might be a better idea to look for work in the non for profit sector as this is less harsh. I am with one agency which deals with the non for profit sector and they are the only once who did not have a questions about finance in their registering form, all the others like Office Angels, Angela Mortimer and others have got that.

I wish this year would already be over and I could at least find some part time work in the meantime.

If anybody had some similar experiences and has finally succeeded finding work again, I would be extremely grateful for their comments.

Sorry for being somehow down and going on about it but there is really nobody in my life I can talk about this. Many thanks again for all your support, it helps me so much and I hope I shall be able to go through all what is to come and not crash. :(