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By spinner
My son is in bankruptcy and needs his car for work (essential). It is playing up and very soon he may need to either have expensive repairs or buy a newer car. He cannot get HP and needs to know can he put money on one side to finance this future need. Thanks
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By James Falla
Hello spinner and welcome

As part of his agreed living expenses your son should have an allowance for car repairs and maintenance of up to £30 a month. He should already be saving this sum each month towards repair bills that will come in. On top of that, if he can save anything else each month from other elements of his agreed living expenses then this is also absolutely fine. This saved cash can be kept aside and used for what ever he likes.

The issue will come if what he can save is not sufficient. If he is also making a monthly payment to the Official Receiver towards his debts it might be possible to agree a payment break from these so that the money saved can also go towards the car bills. The OR might be open to this if the alternative is not having a car and risking his income altogether. Where this is the case it would be worth him having a chat to his OR and seeing what can be done.
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By Hayden
Hi spinner, as James has said, your son should already be saving something every month towards car repairs. Do you know if he is doing this?
By spinner
There is a budget agreed for maintenance but this is really not sufficient to cover the work currently required. He has told me that he currently has to pay £180 a month towards his debts. If he speaks to his OR how likely is it that they will be prepared to help him out and allow him to have some of that money do you think?
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By Geraldine
Hi there spinner, it is difficult to say as it will depend on the attitude of the OR. However if not having the car means that your son will not be able to work and thus not be able to continue paying his £180 a month I would have thought the OR would be reasonable. I would suggest that your son explains this and asks for a payment break for perhaps 2-3 months so he can keep back the money to pay for the car repairs.
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By James Falla
Hello spinner

Given that if your son does not have a car, he cannot get to work and everyone looses, I would be inclined to think that the OR will be flexible in allowing him to spend the payments he makes towards his debts for a couple of months. Once he has spoken to his OR please let us know what they have said. I would be very interested to hear the outcome.