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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your IVA is finished
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By Hayden
Hi there Chris and welcome to the forum

I take it from your post that you have recently completed an IVA. Congratulations!!

The length of time it takes for your name to be taken off the insolvency register will depend on how quickly your insolvency practitioner issues your certificate of completion. Once this is done, your name will come off.
Thanks for your reply Hayden

Yes, I finished my IVA at the end of March. What a relief! I still have not received my certificate of completion from my IP and it is three weeks now. Should I be chasing them up?
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By Hayden
No problem Chris

Its great to hear that your IVA has been a success. I think you should have received your completion certificate by now so I would call your IP and find out what is going on. My understanding is that most IPs issue the certificate pretty much straight away.
Hi Chris

I think a month is plenty of time for your name to have been taken of the insolvency register. If this has not already been done, I would certainly get hold of your IP and find out what the delay is.