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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your IVA is finished
By Chrisdude
Hello all.
We are in a bit of a fix and I just need some sort of clarification.

We were in an IVA and that is now completed and we have received a completion certificate.
My wife soon after was notified she may be entitled to PPI from an old catalogue company so she decided to claim and won in excess of £6000. Then all of a sudden the cheque was sent to our IVA vendor!! We have had no correspondence from them at all!
Please note, the claim was started AFTER we received a completion certificate.
Can you please advise me what I should do??
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By Hayden
Hi Chrisdude

It sounds as though the PPI your wife was awarded has been caught by the Green v Wright ruling from a couple of years ago.

This court case was all about whether PPI compensation for claims made AFTER a completion certificate is issued can by kept by the individual or still have to be sent to the IVA company.

The case was appealed twice and eventually went to the Court of Appeal in London. The 3 sitting judges ruled the money must be paid to the IVA company.

Given this before claiming for PPI after an IVA you must first contact your old IVA company and ask them if you claim are they interested in the compensation or not. Some IVA companys say no, you keep it. Others say yes under the Green V Wright ruling it must be paid to us....

It sounds as though the IVA company you used are in the latter camp. If so you have no chance of getting the money.