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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your IVA is finished

My husband and I completed an IVA over 8 years ago. Since that time we have worked hard to rebuild our lives. We have rebuilt our credit rating and have been able to buy a house. I have been contacted on numerous occasions about claiming for PPI. However I am worried that doing this will cause us problems. I am worried about the possibility of our IVA being re-opened or our credit rating being affected again. Will making PPI claims lead to any of these types of problems?
Hello Darlene D and welcome.

If you decide to make a claim for PPI after your IVA is completed it is not going to have any negative affects on you. As long as you have your completion certificate the Arrangement is legally finished and your IP is no longer your supervisor. As such there is no way that your IVA could be re-opened in any way. In addition making claims will not affect your credit rating. If this was the case then hundreds of thousands of people would be up in arms.... :)

Remember if you do decide to make claims there is a good chance that the banks you claim against will try to hold any compensation back or even pay it to your old IP. As such I would advise using a specialist service to help you such as the one available from Beat My Debt.