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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your IVA is finished
Hi, my IVA ended 2 years ago and received my completion certificate about 12 months after the final payment was made. It is no longer on my credit report. Can people still find out that I was on it? I am looking to rent a house and want to know if it will still cause me problems.
Hi here DaveKim and welcome to the forum

Congratulations on completing your IVA.
An IVA usually affects your credit for 6 years after its start date as default notices which were likely to be made against you will not be removed until this time.

when you checked your credit report did it have any of these notices on there?

A poor credit rating can have an affect on your renting potential but it may be possible to get around this. As you have already finished your IVA this will help and being upfront with the letting agents who will perform a credit check about your IVA will be beneficial.

If you can afford 6 months rent in advance or can get a family member to guarantee your rent this can be another option.

However, I would check your report again first as if it is clear there could be no need to worry.
Hello DaveKim

Given you have received your completion certificate this should mean that you are no longer listed as being in an IVA on the Insolvency Register. If 6 years + have passed since your IVA started then the record of it and any other default notices issued against you by creditors as part of your IVA should also have been taken off your file. Given this then there is no way that anyone can find out that you used to be in an IVA and it should not affect your ability to rent a house at all.