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Discussion and questions about what to expect when your IVA is finished
I have just completed my IVA & an awaiting my certificate. I have been approached by my IVA company asking to claim for mis-sold PPI's upon receipt of certificate. Please can you advise which company to use given my situation as I dont want to do this myself!
Hello reckless and welcome to the forum.

Once you have received your IVA completion certificate you can then claim for mis sold PPI. I would suggest you are best using a claims service that is unrelated to your IVA company. Because you have been in an IVA you will not be able to use a standard claims company. instead you need to sue a specialist legal service. Information about the one that BeatMyDebt.com recommends can be found here: claiming for ppi after IVA
Hi reckless. You should certainly speak to one of the experts at BeatMyDebt.com about making your claim as it is likely you could be in for a substantial compensation payout if you get the right advice.
Hi recless. There are lots of posts about claiming for PPI after you have finished an IVA on this forum. Have a look here as it will really help you: viewforum.php?f=54