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Hi there everyone

We are getting on quite well with our forms but I need to ask another question. I see that we have to give the name and contact details of our landlord. We rent from the local housing authority. Do we put their details down? We have had some problems with the rent in the past but we are up to date now. Will the housing association find out about the bankrutpcy and hold it against us? Are we at risk of being evicted?
Hello Lulup

Given that you are renting from the housing authority, you do not need to worry about them being informed of your bankrupty. As long as you maintain your rent from now on, they should have absolutelyno problem at all with the fact that you are bankrupt. Infact they should understand that this will actually make it much easier for you to pay your rent.
Hi Lulup

As far as I am aware, you will not have any problem with the Housing Association if you declare yourself bankrupt. Given you are up to date with your rent payments now and you keep paying on time, they will not mind that you are bankrupt.
Hello Lulup,

As Steve and Hayden have rightly said, you have no reason to worry about the Housing Association.They will not worry if you declare yourself bankrupt as long as you keep paying your rent.
Hello Lulup

How are you? Have you completed your forms now and got a date for the court? Please let us know how you are gettign on and if you need any more help.
Glad to hear things are progressing for you Lulup. I am sure that everything will go OK at the court but I know that the waiting is always difficult. Good luck and let us know how things go pr if you need any further advice.
Hi Lulup

Great to hear you have finished your forms and got your court date. Don;t hesitate to ask if anything else crops up.
Good luck Lulup. I am sure your visit to the court will be fine. Although it is really worrying I actually found that everything went very smoothly and the people at the court were very helpful. You will then normally have to have a telephone meeting with the official receiver to go through your statement of affairs forms to confirm whether you can afford to make any payments towards your debts. But again this should be relatively straight forward.