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By James Falla
Hi SimpleSi

I am pleased that your landlord has been understanding. They generally are especially in the current climate when they are aften worried about not getting their rent. How did you get on with the bankruptcy application forms? If you have any questions or need any further help, please let us know.
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By Hayden
Hello SimpleSi

How are you getting on? Did you have a chance to go through your bankruptcy forms? Let us know if you need anything.
By SimpleSi
Hello again everyone. I have gone through most of the bankruptcy form and I think I am OK with filling it in. Just one question, in the section about assets the form asks about cash that you have in the bank. I have a certain amount in my current account which I will be using until next payday. As such this figure will change by the time I actually go to the court. What amount should I give? Many thanks
Hello SimpleSi. Glad to hear you have got your forms filled in OK. It is normal for the amount in your current account to go up and down before you declare bankruptcy. I suggest that you simply say that the balance is "Variable depending on living expenditures but less than...."

Have you opened a new bank account that you will be able to use once you are bankrupt?
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By Geraldine
Hi SimpleSi

Good to hear that you are getting your forms sorted. As Steve said, if the bank account that you are using is not a new one, then you will need to anticipate that it will be frozen once you declare yourself bankrupt. The best thing to do is open a new simple account before you go bankrupt. You just need to open it with a bank you do not owe money to and make sure you tell them that you are planning to declare bankrupty so they give you the right account that they are happy for you to continue to use.