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This is the place to ask questions if you are already in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement
By DragonJ
I am currently in a IVA, and considering getting married. My boyfriend doesn't live with me at the moment, but I am worried that my debts will affect him. He is currently looking at buying the house next door, so in effect I will still own my home just in my name, and he will own the house next door. Are there any implications further down the line as we will own separate properties and not jointly?

Obviously I don;t want him to be affected as the debts are in my name and nothing to do with him, before I met him. I know that at the end of my iva term, I think in about 3 years, they may come to me to see if I can release equity in my property, but I don't want that to affect his property next door and they ask him to release equity from that. Just a bit worried that's all before I decide we get married

If you are married, does that mean that the other half is entitled to half the house and therefore jointly responsible or it is only if you legally put them on the mortgage? Sorry to keep asking question, no idea how this works and my iva advisor is not very helpful
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By Geraldine
Hello there DragonJ and welcome to the forum :)

You do not need to worry. If you get married your new husband will not suddenly become liable for your debts and any property that he owns in his own name will not be at risk.

The thing you do need to think about is if your financial circumstances will change as a result of getting married. For example will you be moving in with your husband or vice versa? If so and it means that you are now both sharing the bills then your disposable income might increase and so you would have to pay more into your IVA.