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I am just into my 4th year of my IVA. 2 years ago I made a PPI claim against a secured loan on my house. It was not part of my IVA and the money was paid to me. I got £12k which I spent mostly paying back friends and family I owed before my IVA started. My IVA company did not find out about the payment at my end of year review. I gave them bank statements and nothing was said so I think they did not see it.

Now I have received a letter from my IVA company asking me to sign a letter agreeing that they can search for any unclaimed or claimed PPIs. I am now worried that they will find out. If they do what could happen? Will they allow me to extend my IVA to pay this money back? I cannot ask for it back from my family as this would be too awkward. What do you think?
Hi Wills1 and welcome to the forum.

This is a bit of a difficult one. You really should have come clean to your IP about this payment you received when you got it. If they find out then they will ask for the money and if you cannot come to some kind of arrangement to pay it back they could fail your IVA.

Having said that if they did not find it at your annual review I think you might get away with it. If I were you I would keep quiet. I know your IP has asked you to sign this letter enabling them to make PPI claims on your behalf. However that will only be for creditors included in your IVA. It will be very unlikely that they will contact your mortgage company or secured loan company so you should have nothing to worry about.
Hi Wills1

I think the best thing you can do here is sit tight and hope your IP does not find out. If they did not pick up on this money at your end of year review then I think it is likely that they have missed it and will not find it. The letter you have received is almost certainly a standard one and it just means that your IP will review all the debts in your IVA to see if there is PPI available. I have not heard of IPs actually looking at PPI on mortgage and secured loans as well and I am not sure they would actually have the license to do so given these debts are nothing to do with your IVA and thus not under their jurisdiction so to speak.