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By ThatBloke
#33376 In the early nineties my wife and I had our house repossessed as we defaulted on the mortgage. A consent order (in joint names) was put in place 12 years later which is still being paid. I am almost 100% sure we were mis-sold the PPI, if we wasn't then we wouldn't have lost the house! In 2014 she had to continue to personally pay the debt on the consent order as I was declared bankrupt.
Question is, if we make a PPI claim, how much goes to the OR?
Hope someone can advise.
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By Hayden
#33377 Hello ThatBloke and welcome to the forum :)

I understand that you went bankrupt in 2014. You are now considering claiming for PPI on debts (mortgage and any others) that you had before you were declared bankrupt.

If this is correct then 100% of any PPI compensation you are awarded on claims you now make against these debts will be paid to the OR. This is because it is an unrealised asset of your bankruptcy. As such there would be no advantage in making claims for you personally.

That said if your wife was to claim her share of any compensation awarded would come to her and would potentially help to pay off the debt for which she is still liable. As such it might be worth her making the claim.