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By sharky118
#33403 Hi All,
I was accepted for a DRO but a week later received a letter asking for additional information regarding my affairs incurred as a result of gambling.
I have been completely honest with the intermediary that has helped me through this dark period in my life and they did warn me this could and would probably happen. I sent the additional information back on the 15th Aug and heard nothing since, does anyone know or could suggest how long and what possible outcomes I could forsee, thank you in advance, much appreciated.

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By Hayden
#33410 Hi Sharky118

Although gettng into debt through gambling is not ideal it is not a crime. I am sure that in this case the Official Receiver (OR) just needed a little more background information. I do not think your DRO is at risk.

If you have sent the information as requested back to the OR and they have not come back to you with any further questions there is no need to worry. They will only contact you again if they have further questions or concerns. If not you will not hear from them.
By sharky118
#33412 Thank you Hayden, puts my mind at rest a bit as I was expecting another decision either way to come through the post or be called. Its been nearly a month now since I sent the further information and haven't heard anything back so no news is good news as they say, fingers crossed and thanks for the info much appreciated.
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By Hayden
#33413 No problem at all Sharky118

Let us know if you have any more questions during your DRO. Good luck with it :)
By sharky118
#33431 Hi guys,
2 months has passed since I was granted the DRO but last week I received a letter saying the OR has decided that an investigation into my affairs is warranted so I have to provide certain info under section 251J, to establish if it should be brought to the courts attention for a DRRO. really worried now that they are going to revoke my order as I literally (pardon my french), dont have a pot to piss in, please advise and thank you in advance,
By sharky118
#33432 Hi again,
sorry but thought of something else and need another opinion please, OR has asked for gambling sites I used and account numbers and names but TBH there are alot and most I wouldn't remember using, let alone what user name i used, but either way tbh i find it harsh that they ask this knowing I have a gambling addiction but now making me revisit each site for their records. Really dont want to go back to each gambling site as it insights me to gamble again which is what I have avoided for the last 6 months....please help,
By sharky118
#33433 Hi Hayden,
i say all but guess this is directed to you Hayden as you were the only one to respond to my post, all info if you have will be gratefully accepted, ty,
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By Hayden
#33435 Hi Sharky118

UNfortunately there is not much you can do other than co-operate with the Official Reciver as best you can. I would suggest that you put a response together in writing with a list of the sites you can remember. If you cannot remember them all do not panic.

If you can list any account numbers all well and good. However if you are unable to do this without re-visiting the sites then my advise is do not re-visit them.

I suggest that you include an explanation in your response to the OR explaining that you cannot provide all the account numbers as you do not recall them. Also make it clear that if you do try to visit the sites to get this information it may led to you being drawn back into your addiction.

I think it would be a very fool hardy OR who did not accept that. If they did not you would certainly have grounds to escalate the problem higher up into the insolvency service.

In terms of what's the worst that can happen. As I have said before gambling is not a crime. The worst they could possibly do is revoke your DRO. If that were to happen you could then simply go bankrupt. I know for certain that bankruptcy will not be overturned because of gambling. As a bankrupt person the worst thing would be you would get a BRU which in your case would really have very limited affect.
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By Geraldine
#33436 Hi Sharky118

As Hayden has said you must co-operate with the OR as best you can. However I agree that in doing so you should not put yourself at risk of getting back into gambling. As such you simply need to give the OR as much info as you can and explain the gaps.

Be absolutely honest. State in your response that you are unable to provide all the info as it would put you at potential risk.

I would be surprised if all of this will result in your DRO being overturned. After all the DRO solution is governed by the same law as Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy is not overturned if the individual has gambling debts (even if 100% of the debt is due to gambling). But worst case as Hayden said you can always fall back on the bankruptcy option.