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By PeaceOfMind
#33339 I received a call from a supplier today who had been sending me statements for nearly 6 months for a debt of just over £8,500.00 which was in relation to my sole trader business failing late last year.

I knew the day was coming when physical contact would come about and as soon as I informed them today in that first contact that the business, or should I say, I was no longer trading, and explained briefly my personal circumstances, they said they would write to me!

This triggered me to immediately look on the internet for advise to gleam answers to all the obvious questions of what they could do, such as, was my wife's savings at risk, could debt collectors be brought in, bailiffs and many other worries.

The anxiety was evident and all sorts of worrying circumstances were running through my head!

I then found the Bankruptcy Expert website and read it thoroughly and started to create an account on the Gov.UK site to file for bankruptcy, but on filling out the form it then asked for my landlords details, which concerned me. I referred back to the website and it clearly stated that there would be no reason for a landlord to be informed, so I called the number on the website for clarification.

What a nice and thoroughly understanding person MR James Falla is, he answered my questions and has put me at ease in the knowledge that I can control the matter myself far more than I thought I would be able to.

I would love to give him more visible positive feedback through other social media boards but unfortunately I would then be airing my dirty laundry for all to see.

So, thank you James, If I need any further help or if anyone ever asks me for advise, I will most certainly point them your way.

I will update my case as it unfolds on here as I don't at this point know whether I'll be pulling the trigger myself or if I let the company do it saving me the large fee, I'll have to see how things initially develop.

Thanks for reading...