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By Jenks
#33335 I would first like to say thank you to James at Beat My Debt for making the whole process of bankruptcy as stress-free as possible and for explaining the whole process in a way that I could understand. I felt in safe hands throughout and if I needed any reassurance or advice, then James was at the end of the phone to help.

I was extremely worried about my situation which arose over a number of years and had been effecting my health of late. I did not know what to do and feared the worse for my future. I had lots of questions, all which James answered and helped me to resolve.

I worried about how people would view me if they found out and how my children would be affected. It took time to realise that this was the only way to resolve my issues and as a single parent and the father of two girls I worried myself to a point which nearly ended my career.

It took a consultation with James to discuss all options and for me to realise that bankruptcy was the way forward for me and that I needed to be strong and carry on with the process.

My bankruptcy started in February and it is the best thing I have ever done. I feel alive again, I have options and I am back in control of my future. If you are reading this and are contemplating bankruptcy then all I can say is, speak to James and get on with the rest of your life in a positive and fulfilling way.