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By qwerty1980
#33198 Hi, I was wondering what would happen to the money that you would receive from the inland revenue when you file your tax return if I went self employed. Have been employed for 5 years but I am considering going back into self employment. I used to receive between 800/1000 from a tax return when I was last self employed. Would my Iva company be looking to get it
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By Hayden
#33200 Hello qwerty1980. Hope you are doing OK. Sorry for the delayed response to your question :)

The answer is based around what happens if you receive a windfall during an IVA. Basically if this happens anything you receive over £500 would have to be paid into the Arrangement.

If you get a tax rebate during your IVA (whether you are employed or self employed) this is treated as a windfall and so the rule above would apply.

How long have you got until your IVA is completed? You must be nearly there?