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By ZCar
#27341 Hi. I made myself bankrupt in Nov last year and am unable to open a bank account. I have tried Barclays but they said I have to be employed! My benefits are paid into my parents account! Am I able to open a basic bank account with some of these which advertise online for a monthly fee?
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By Geraldine
#27344 Hello ZCar and welcome

That is intersting. I have not heard that Barclays would refuse to open an account on that basis before. Did you ask for the simple Cash Card account?

If you draw a blank with Barclays then yes, as a last resort you you could open a bank account with an organisation like you have described. Once you are discharged which will hopefully be November this year, you will then be able to close that account and open a one with many mainstream banks as you will no longer be bankrupt.

As such as a temporary measure if you really feel you need an account of your own, it might be a good idea.
By Cara Church
#27349 Hi ZCar, welcome to the forum.
It's strange that you haven't been able to open an account at Barclays, it may be worth revisiting and double checking that it was a Cash Card Account that you were trying to open. Failing that, you can either continue having your benefits paid into your parents account until you are discharged, or if you really do need an account in your own name, the accounts with monthly fees will be fine until you are discharged.

I hope this helps.

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By Hayden
#27356 I agree with the other posters ZCar. I am surprised that Barclays would not help and I think it might be worth another try. Did you go into the branch in person?
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By Hayden
#27370 Great news ZCar. Really pleased that we have been able to help and you are now getting your new account open.
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By James Falla
#27375 Very pleased to hear that you have got this sorted ZCar. Good luck for the rest of your bankrutpcy and please do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions.